The project was inspired by a recent trip to China and an active study on the economic upheaval of cities; Chongqing and Shanghai. On returning to the UK, I was reminded of more familiar forms of displacement; the young unable to buy property and artists turfed out of studios due to high rents.
The resulting work is an attempt to observe the changes in our communities. Asking what should change and what should remain? Touching on gentrification, migration and preservation. This is a look at our current state and an acknowledgment that society is always in flux, always In-between.

On 22/03/18, the project was presented to the public. A Private View was held at Decima Studios, Burmondsy. Features included a live draw, free beers courtesy Partizan Brewing, tunes by Eskro141 and a print shop, selling limited edition risograph posters amongst other delights. See photos from the event, below.

On 24/03/18, budding creatives, were invited to the In-between Invisible Ink Workshop. An event in partnership with Little Architect. The afternoon begun with a short presentation from myself and Little Architect, followed by a drawing activity, where attendees were invited to consider their own surroundings, what it is they enjoy and what they’d like to change. Finally we all worked together to create a mural which used invisible inks to convey the transitory nature of the city. Little Architect is an education and learning platform for teaching architecture and sustainability in London’s primary schools led by the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

© Toby Melville-Brown 2018