NikeCourt x The Art of Ping Pong

In 2015, The Art of Ping Pong selected me to illustrate on to a bat, as part of the annual charity auction. I wanted to focus on the informal atmosphere of table tennis, creating a sort of ‘ping pong festival’.
The following year, I created 60 ping pong bats in 7 days, for The Art of Ping Pong's first commercial collaboration with NikeCourt x Roger Federer. Inspired by Roger’s Federer’s rigour on and off the court I applied my intricate approach, touching on Federer’s background, professional career and cultural interests. The bats were displayed as an instillation, at NikeLab 1948 LDN, as a backdrop for a Q&A between Roger Federer and the editor of GQ.

I have since worked with TAOPP’s on numerous projects, including activations to inspire young people to vote and various poster designs.

© Toby Melville-Brown 2018