Toby Melville-Brown - illustrator of architecture, design and big ideas



Hand produced, colour screenprint, depicting some of London’s most loved venues.

The artwork depicts a range of London's performance spaces, across different communities and disciplines. 

Though ranging from the arena to the intimate, each is depicted at a similar size. Giving all, equal importance. And so, each building has been simplified into an icon; it’s architectural silhouette and unmistakable signage. Covid-19 has been a real challenge for performance venues. This artwork will hopefully serve as a reminder, to pay them a visit when all this is over. 

Details of print;
500x500mm. 2 colour screenprint. With halftone highlights. On Heritage 315gsm paper.

Nearly There;

This is part of Toby’s Nearly There print series. Other works include Views From Trains and London Pubs. These creations herald the places we have missed and serve as reminders of where to go, when we make our long awaited return. All 3 of the series, can be found on Toby’s shop.