I have a long standing relationship with this fantastic charity. is a platform for those newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. They are always finding new and ingenious ways to speak to their audience, institutions and the wider public.

Commissioned at the beginning of 2011, my task was to produce a range of illustrations that communicate the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. The book was a joint venture, conceived by Freddie Yauner, written by Cathy John and designed by Muro Buro.The book was well received at MS Life and was exhibited at Newcastle City Library. The project was funded by the pharmaceutical company Novartis.

I have since worked with the charity on a number of projects. The most exciting was when I was given the space to conduct a project on MS’ers relationship with mobility in the city.

“Being in a wheelchair in the city, you often come across barriers that others don’t see”.

The statement above, recorded in one of the interviews was the inspiration for City of Barriers. I spent three weeks in a studio underneath Waterloo Bridge, covering a space of 3ft by 6ft, with a 0.05 fineliner pen.

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