Tower Series No.1

A self directed project that sought to consider the many reasons of why we build the way we do. Following a period of research, I created four towers that each present a different motive.
Favela Arch is concerned with overpopulation. High density areas, especially with extreme topography result in a wonderful variation of nests. This was my starting point and so I conceived of the most uninhabitable rock formation and covered it in dwellings, like barnacles.

Brutalist Tree is about our desire to cling to nature. The harsh Modernist aesthetics exemplify humankind's rational philosophies, whilst its proximity to the giant oak is an admittance of emotions and our dependence on nature.

Industrial Tower considers the utility of the building. It is presented as an artefact from a hypothetical future. Based on the writings of the Human Extinction Movement, it is a nuclear power plant that has been constructed vertically due to overpopulation.

Regency Tower looks at the building as a trophy. It is a celebration of ornate architecture presented in the very modern form of a skyscraper. From Regency to traditional Japanese architecture, it’s a structural mix-tape, for both enthusiast and child.

© Toby Melville-Brown 2018